Year of the Crash

October 15, 2008
So I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Believe it or not, though it’s been a month and a half already, I still havn’t quite gotten used to this crazy schedule. 4am is still hard-core to me but I love it. Getting off around 12:30 can’t be beat, except for the fact that I pretty much sleep the rest of the day away. So I’m starting to see some parallels between what the nation is going through, and what my station is going through right now. The U.S., lets face it, has not had the greatest leadership for the past 8 years, but after so long we’ve gotten used to it you know? I mean sure, I dislike wiretapping and torturing prisoners as much as the next guy, but at least we knew what to expect. We all knew that if you were probably going to be dragged to imprison in the middle of the night and held indefinitely without a trial. You could count on that. But now that we are about to have either Obama or McCain, we don’t really know. Sure Bush was bad but is Obama’s change one toward socialism? Is McCain goin to die in office, leaving Palin to outlaw reading?

That’s a bit how I feel at work. My boss, who shall remain nameless, has done everything in his power to extend his power passed its appropriate bounds while simultaneously exhibiting his uncanny inability to competently perform the duties that are actually present in his job description. Remind you of anybody? Anyway, turns out he’s taken a job in another state and is going to be gone in a matter of weeks. REGIME CHANGE! But, while the rest of us were secretly celebrating our perceived freedom, he was busy secretly appointing his successor. Now there is no doubt she will do a great job of cleaning up the stations act, but in what way? Some are worried that with this new administration we might lose what little freedoms we thought we had. Just as the national election, it all remains to seen. Will the new news director figure out how to bailout the stations economic crisis and drop in ratings and return us to the regional superpower we once were, or will she continue the trend of driving us into the ground with failed policies and bad ideas?

September 10, 2008
Ok so it’s Wednesday, September 10, 2008, currently almost a full 7 weeks out from graduation. This is the first of my new podcast series chronicling my personal journey post bachelor degree. I admit that I should have started this earlier but I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed. It’s the second week of my new life in Grand Junction Colorado. Also my second week of work at KKCO channel 11 News NBC. I know everyone back home is expecting me to be on TV any day now but I’m starting out as a PA for the moment and we are talking about moving up to reporter by sometime in December. I’ve decided that I don’t want to stop there however. I see an opportunity to move all the way up to anchor and I’m going for it. I give myself 2 years to do it.
Did I mention I love my job? As a production assistant for the 5:30am show I have show up EARLY. 4am to be exact. It’s a good thing because in college I definitely developed the bad habit of staying up all night and waking up in the post-noon hours. From now on its early, and I mean like 8pm early, to bed and early to rise.
Getting into work was much easier this time. Unlike last years endless hoops of red tape and questions on whether I’d pass the drug test based on my skin color, this time they couldn’t wait to get me in there to start working and handing me responsibilities. So much so that they started me working 3 days before I even took the drug test and had all my paperwork turned in. A typical day consists of showing up at 4am to help edit footage for the 5:30 show. During the show I’ve been running the audio board but sometimes I’ll run cameras. It’s pretty easy but I enjoy watching the entire process go from an event happening to it actually airing on our show. It’s amazing how crazy people in TV can be though. They freak out like the world is about to end. They yell, curse, throw things, you name it. The funniest part is that right after the show aired, a show in which they screamed at you and embarrassed you as if you were the most incompetent person on the planet, they put their arm around you and say, “Hey you’re way better at this than I was when I started. You’re gonna be moving up in no time.”
Take yesterday for example. It was an historic event out here on the Western Slope as Barack Obama, potentially the United States first black president ever, visited the town of Grand Junction just 50 days before the November election. It was a good day to be in the media indeed as he was the first presidential candidate to visit this city during a presidential race since Harry Truman in 1948. Unfortunately I couldn’t talk my way into getting to go to the event, but I did get to run audio during our live coverage of the speech. Boy was it just awesome to be involved. But while I was being awed by the experience of helping cover the Democratic nominee only my third week in the business but the rest of the station was losing their minds. Apparently during big stories, everyone like to go by code names instead of their real ones. They were all pretty creative. I was getting jealous because I was the new guy and I didn’t have a name yet. But all I had to do was clip the anchors mic at the wrong time once to get one. Mine was Damn-it Dominic. Not a bad ring eh? I’ve started to realize that if you get yelled at however, its actually a good thing. If you mess up and nobody said anything but lean over to their neighbor and grumple something in a whisper, then you gotta worry.
When I showed up this morning, the same guy that coined my new code name pulled me aside and told me that he thinks I’m way more capable that my current duties would suggest and he wants to move me up really fast so it just goes to show you. Get yelled at, don’t get whispered about.


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