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This link will take you to to purchase the book

This link will take you to to purchase the book

Not long after the publication of The Easy Road Becomes Hard and the Hard Road Becomes Easy, our second son was born. Before children, I had always laughed at the parents of young children who seemed compelled to post hundreds of pictures of their toddlers online and who couldn’t help busting out their phone to scroll through the same hundred pictures to show off their children at social events. To anyone other than those who also have small children, it just seems so obnoxious. Then I had kids and suddenly it all made sense. What once was nothing, now has become everything and your entire world revolves around a person who didn’t even exist a year or two ago. All you can think to do is show off pix of them rolling or drooling or looking cross-eyed into the camera. I refused to become “that parent” but I had to find an outlet for this sudden need to show off my children. Then I realized, I could use their pictures to illustrate quotes of the day. It would streamline the otherwise gushing outpour of kid pictures and force me to be purposeful about the pictures I used. And like that, the premise for What Once was Nothing, Now is Everything was born.


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Quotes of the Day 2013: The Easy Road Becomes Hard & The Hard Road Becomes Easy


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