Quote of the Day, December 20, 2013: “Pride is the most dangerous of vices and all other vices can be boiled down to just that.”

Pride comes up a lot in life. It’s not a surprise as it’s the original sin, and can be found in the roots of all other sins. Pride is the essence of all that is evil, because pride is a refusal of reality, and a placing of self above your environment. Seeing as we as humans, have bits and pieces of logic, and have bits and pieces of rationality, but are by no means rational or logical in our core, Pride, or this inability to accept the true cause and effect nature of life, is an inhabitant of all of us. It has a hold of each of us to varying degrees to be sure, but it does exist in all of us. That’s not the surprising part.


What’s troubling is that these days Christians and non-Christians alike have built up a whole encyclopedia of the nuances of the do’s and don’ts of life, starting a telling little white lies, taking a pit stop at thou shalt not murder (unless asked to by your federal government), and ending  with the most heinous of all sins…looking at porn. But the weird thing is, the root of all these bad thoughts, terrible plans, and disgusting acts is a sin that is so often overlooked as a vice of the young and fool-hearty, something that a young man will mature out of, and that a young lady will simply loose in time. It is lurking in the shadows of all sin, feeding it and nurturing it into habit and lifestyle, but we treat it as a harmless or at best, and annoying and unfortunate personality trait that one will simply grow out of.


But I assure you, the rich man never sins until his pride compels him to believe that his riches give him superiority and rights above those of others. That’s where he begins to abuse his wealth and hurt other people. The publican (politician) is on the straight and narrow to selfless public service until pride gives him license to abuse his power and use his clout to manipulate both citizen and country for his own personal gain. The young man on the street, poor and abused as he may be is still an honest person desperately searching for the tools to get out of his situation until pride allows him to believe that his need and desire takes president over that of the woman walking nearby whose purse he’s about to snatch. Even the woman whose unhappy with the husband of her youth is still an honest lady struggling to do right by her man and her children until pride tells her that her desire for happiness and satisfaction is more important than the pain it will cause to her husband and her children when they discover that she’s started seeing her yoga instructor on the side.


All these things we distain openly, but why do we treat the root cause without much concern? Pride, as a wise man once put it, is simply a refusal to accept reality as our environment presents it to us, coupled with an unrealistic elevation of our own being within that new reality that we’ve constructed for ourselves. From this small tweak in perspective springs forth all forms of racism, sexism, bigotry, and malice.


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