Quote of the Day, November 12, 2013: “Sometimes you need to burn bridges in hopes that they can be rebuilt better and stronger than before.”


Guest Writer: Christina Beyler    

Burning a bridge can mean so many things but I want to focus on burning the bridge of a friend. Misunderstood anger, frustration, an argument, growing up and moving on can all lead to burning bridges. Burning a bridge is not as bad as it sounds not all the time. It’s cutting the ties off of someone that you may still care for but an event has occurred that has caused the “boat to rock,” for instance, an argument or a misunderstanding. Sometimes when people are so stubborn and something gets out of hand it might just be better for the two parties to stop and walk away. I have a particular friend that this pertains to. I love her dearly but growing up we had our issues. We have been friends for about 18 years and through those years we were not always the best of friends. In fact, we were not friends at times. Stupid fights and hormones will do it every time. We would have our time apart but would grow so much during this period we have always come back to each other as stronger friends and less stupid. I may not hear from her or see her everyday, but I know she’s there when I need her and vice versa. No maybe you care for this person but have been put into a position (willing) where you have become the “bad guy.” Friends confide with each other. Tell each other whatever problems they may be having at that time. A friend, should give support, offer advice and a shoulder to cry on right? Well, sometimes one person is the friend, and the other party may not like the things being said or just doesn’t understand. I have been in this position more than once. And everytime I tell myself never again, but what are you supposed to do when your friend comes to you crying? It almost always ends with burning a bridge, unless there is some compromise, but that’s rare. Sometimes it is good to walk away before the bridge burns to where it cannot be rebuilt. It’s only natural when you have a feeling of rocky waters to question the quality of your friendship. One key factor; trust. If there is no trust it might be better to move on and hope that the friendship (bridge) can be rebuilt stronger. Unfortunately, sometimes the bridge cannot be rebuilt but I feel that is a sign that that person does not need to participate in your life.


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