Quote of the Day, November 8, 2013: “Basketball is a game of geometry.”

Yes it’s that blessed time of year again. NBA action starts for the 2013/14 season. With Lebron and the gang trying to do the Jordan/Kobe thing and hit a three-peat, while Kobe himself is attempting to return as a cyborg, Kevin Durant trying to climb his way back up the hill, The solid, ever-aging but never slowing down Spurs still looming, and the might Pelicans attempting to make a better name for themselves than that of their franchise, this season promises to be as action-packed as any in recent history. If you’ve been following the power rankings and the first few games of the season, you realize that this is not the NBA you remember from the good ol’ days in high school. When now suddenly the East is again the powerhouse it was decades ago, including a newly viable Chicago bulls pulled from the depths of the post-Jordan depression by Derrick Rose, and with teams like the once laughable Golden State Warriors and the cursed Los Angeles Clippers considered two of the most likely teams to give the Heat a run for their money in the playoffs, while the illustrious Lakers and Celtics were winning championships just years ago and are now hoping to even make the 8th seed. Feels like an alternate universe. Nevertheless it’s hear and God bless it.


Love football. Love (to play) baseball. Heck I’ll even admit to liking soccer. But something about basketball; with the most all around athletic talent in the world from stamina from the continuous nature of the game, to speed and quickness, to the height of the game of having a goal ten feet in the air, the the sheer stature of some of the players playing with zero padding in full contact, basketball is the ultimate all around sport. Or perhaps it’s the geometry of a bank shot, the battle against inertia in defending a cross over, or the defiance of Newton while hanging in the air, waiting for the defender to drop out of the way. Or could it be the no-look passes, timed seconds ahead of time, or the buzzer beater shots from half court, or perhaps just the seamless execution of a good offense, countered by an equally talented and reactive and anticipatory defense?

Whatever it is, here comes winter sports, and God bless NBA League Pass.


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