Ever notice that whenever someone starts a sentence with, “I love how…” they are about to make a commentary on hipocrisy?

I love words and phrasings. The way language evolves is so fascinating to me so things like this stand out. Now obviously there are a million things that could come after the, “I love how…” and they could be completely serious and genuine, but I find it fascinating that there are certain ways to begin or end a sentence that once had rather universal usages, but have evolved their own little niches where they are only used in particular occasions. One could say, “I love how this makes me feel,” or, “I love how the government runs,” or anything of the sort. But we almost never use it that way. If we start a sentence with, “I love how,” it’s almost always going to be followed by something sarcastic and it’s almost always to bring up a hypocritical irony of some sort. For example, “I love how you complain when I leave the lights on for 5 minutes but you leave them on overnight.” Or, “I love how the government passes laws that they themselves don’t have to abide by.” What we are really saying is that, I’m annoyed and disappointed to the point of seeing it as a comical irony that hypocrisy X is taking place. Words are fun.


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