Quote of the day, September 23: “I am a white guy who listens to NPR. I don’t like rap!”

Today’s quote comes from a friend. He was leaving a store in Southern California, where a young black man was trying to pawn his CDs off on shoppers leaving the store. I’m sure many of us have been guilty did or at least hassled by people trying to sell us CDs while out enjoying a theme park or the Vegas strip.

Well while my friend was within earshot, apparently one of the store patrons became very frustrated and shouted, “I’m a white guy who listens to NPR. I don’t like rap!” This must have been hilarious to hear.

What’s funny is my friend donated this via text in which there are others included on the thread. It instantly sparked a conversation but our other friend chimed in saying, “What a stupid thing to say. I listen to NPR and I love rap.”

Apparently the white guy stormed off, still angry that someone was trying to give him a free CD and the rapper simply turned to the next person.

If you have a quote of the day please feel free to contact me and submit it.


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