Quote of the Day, September 12, 2013: “Always remember, even when it’s bad…it’s good.”

So tonight’s quote of the day came at the end of the day and it was from me. I yelled it across the parking lot at a couple I had just met. The wife yelled back, “hey I think I like that, ya I really do like that.”

I had gone to a lecture that night given by Dr. Brian Hynek of Colorado University Boulder. He is a geologist by trade and has traveled all around the world from Central America, to Europe to Africa studying, what else, rock formations. But in his lecture he touched on so much more.

He’s actually done extensive work with NASA and their various Mars missions and has played a key role in their ability to study the rock samples found on those missions to better understand the makeup of the planet and to identify traces of water and other materials. The lecture was very fascinating and touched on all kinds of areas of the physics in how they play in the science of astrobiology. Astrobiology is basically a fancy word for extraterrestrial life.

He was certain to let us know that none has been found to date, but he went all through the processes NASA does to look for and identify potentially habitable planets that could possibly have life on them. Most of it involves comparing various environments on earth and how the various life forms we find here survives in some of the most hostile regions.

After the lecture I ended up meeting many of the staff members of the Colorado Museum of the West and the Math and Science Center as well as Dr. Hynek and his wife who is a marine microbiologist.

Somehow we ended up walking out, not together but at the same. I mentioned that I had overheard that they were having a baby and congratulated them. They said it was their first. I told them I was only a little ahead of them with my first being 7 months. So he shouted across the parking lot if I had any advice about starting a family. Todays quote is all I could think of.


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