With Nothing Less Than What You Started: Chapter 1, Excerpt 1

………..Yet we find ourselves, after thousands of years, in an historical position in which women seem poised to usurp men in nearly every area of esteemed modern life (while they are wary to let alone the lower realms of society such as sexual deviance and violent temperaments, championed areas of society in which they quite generously allow men to keep as their sole possessions, at least as far as public perception goes.)

The west, as we have grown accustomed to doing for nearly the last 2000 years, has set the trend once again, this time in the feminization of the global culture. Sure there are pockets of resistance, the Middle East for example or possibly China, but even they are beginning to learn that as mighty as the arm of orthodoxy and tradition is, it is still no match for the dainty seductivity of American, and (arrogantly) therefore popular, culture and the subconscious politics it plays in minds around the world.

Now to the disappointment of both my ‘feminazi’ and ‘masculinist’(yes I know you’re out there) readers, pointing out and discussing the historicity of the emerging era of female privilege that we find ourselves in is not what I intend to do in this book. I will do so nonetheless so much in that it advances my discussion of the modern Christian man’s need to evolve socially if he wants to find a date in this world. Women have always been said to be the ultimate (temporal) mystery but as I’ve lived the past 24 years of my life in the ‘cradle of modern society’, California, I’ve noticed a widening gap in the disparagement between men and women. It is as if our culture, as advanced as it claims to be, is reverting back to the Freudian past in which a few men had more women than they knew what to do with, while the rest had to kill somebody just to get one. Unlike back then however, it’s not necessarily the lion of a guy with the biggest biceps, but the biggest brains who can command the attention of the pride. Don’t get me wrong, an NBA contract or a custom Lamborghini never hurt any guy’s chances, but lets face it, the odds of you fighting off thousands of screaming female fans as you leave from work only to find a mailbox full of bras when you get home is nothing to take to Vegas, even Reno.

The name of the game in the information age, as it almost always secretly has been, is knowledge. Aristotle himself is famous for (among a few other things) saying that, “Knowledge is Power.” He was right, in a sense. Knowledge is power as long as that knowledge is applied toward the cultivation of wisdom. This might not make much sense right now, but raw knowledge about women will only get you about as far as the character Chip from the movie Hitch. To become an Alex Hitchens however, one must have relational wisdom, a skill more than an intellectual possession, one that is slowly developed and modified again and again over years of experience and contemplative assessment by the attentive man or woman. As a man, with the sheer fact that you’ve invested, even a small amount of time, in developing relational wisdom, you’ll not only reap benefits from nearly all corners of your life whether it be in business or academics, but you’ll be miles ahead of the rest of the male population when it comes to getting the attention of even the most untouchable of female. In fact, that is the goal of this book, to not only convince you that you have a viable shot, but break down the game plan for the average guy who has his sights set on the anything but average girl……………

…………….Not all of us can be as fortunate as Luke, the author destined to pen down the idea that one should “love others as one loves oneself.” We cannot all have the forethought of Socrates, knowing that even thousands of years later the “unexamined life [would still not be] worth living.” Most of us are lucky if we discover even one or two truths about our own time and place, let alone develop an idea that still rocks the landscape of ages yet unborn, and even then it is only by the grace of God that we stumble upon any truth at all. It is with this understanding that I humbly and seriously, delve into the world of arrogance and humor in an effort that I may help you and in turn help myself, understand a little bit more about the fairest of the fair, that we all may someday sleep softly beside the beauty we chose not the beauty we settled on.


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