Quote of the Day, September 9, 2013: “Ya try explaining how a hedge fund works to a moth.”

This quote seems a bit random to be sure but the story behind it goes like this. I was having a conversation with my uncle and we were complaining about the fact that some people place their whole identity in being considered smart and how detrimental that can be to one’s view of the world and one’s happiness even.

It is a glorious endeavor to seek out understanding of how the world work but some people get a little too overboard. The pursuit of knowledge is worth while, but it is also a never ending one. That’s part of the beauty of it. In our culture of statistics and facts and degrees that imply intelligence, it is easy to get caught up in either being a know it all, (although that’s not where my point is driving,) or a worshipper of your own mind. But the thing is that just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t actually happen, and also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a thing.

Where the moth and hedge fund fit in is like this: Some people get all bent out of shape when talking about philosophical concepts, or physical concepts and especially religious concepts when they can’t wrap their head around a phenomenon and list out the steps 1. 2. 3. of how it works. They don’t seem to have the humility to simply say ya that’s incredible and no I don’t quite understand it. Some seem to have so much pride as to say that well it doesn’t make sense to me or I can’t quite explain it the way an electronics manual would explain its product so I’m going to pretend and even assert that it can’t possibly exist.

This anology might be crude but it was thought up on the fly so forgive us, but take a moth, who does have some kind of a brain, or heck even a mouse or a dog, both of which we would readily admit have some sort of intelligence and can learn and do all sorts of cognitive activity. Take the assumption that you can communicate with this animal in some way. Now explain how a hedge fund works to a mouse. Ok don’t get that complicated, maybe just explain how a bank works to it. Or heck let’s dumb it down even more and help a mouse wrap its mind around how and why we have money in the first place, let alone the millions of ways it’s used and manipulated. The thought that a mouse, with as many abilities as it does have, would be able to comprehend fully what legal tender dollar bills meant seems quite the long shot.

Does this mean hedge funds don’t exist? Does this mean hedge funds don’t work? Does this mean mice don’t exist? Does this mean they exist in different dimensions or that there is any kind of sci-fi voodoo going on? Does this mean that in the context of where a mouse sits on the food change of earths ecosystem that it isn’t smart and fit for the realm it resides?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I’m not sure I can help you. If you answered, “no,” however then may I ask that is it not at least possible that there are things out there, whether on the other side of the universe, or described in ancient texts, that have happened, happen and will happen that are the hedge fund to our mouse brain? Now if you answered, “yes” to this question I would say I agree with you.


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