Quote of the Day September 4, 2013: “I do love the Midwest, but right now I could sure go for some pink champagne on ice.”

It would seem that this quote has proven to be a stumbling block to the cultured and foolishness to the less so. For those of you that are scoffing at my desire for something pink, and the others who are offended at my classless admission to drinking champagne with ice, please relax.

Pink champagne on ice is a term of endearment that many of my friends and I use to (more discretely than I previously thought apparently) reference our homeland of California.

As most of you probably know, pink champagne on ice is a lyric from the song Hotel California by the band The Eagles. While the lyrics themselves are rather cryptic at best, one thing is for certain, nearly the entire song seems to have nothing to do with California at all except for the chorus and even that doesn’t make much sense.

I’ve heard that when the song was released in 1977 (same year as the original Star Wars mind you) that kids in schools and churches were warned not to listen to it because of its obviously corrupted lyrics and that if one played the record backward you could even hear a satanic message.

Turns out hat those Sunday school teachers gave the eagles a little too much credit. Apparently they simply got high while writing the lyrics and strung together any few phrases that seemed to rhyme and at least made sense on a grammatical level.

Not sure that is necessarily a winning formula for making a platinum record but it sure worked for them and helped them to create one of the most legendary songs of the album era. One that is still plainly recognizable by kids 40 years later. And it definitely has a solid place among the canon of California classics. Though I moved to the Midwest some time ago, I’m a western boy at heart and like the song says, when it comes to California you can check out any time you’d like but you can never leave. So whenever I get a little homesick I crave pink champagne on ice.


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