Quote of the Day September 3, 2013: “There are Some People Who Want to Be Your Friend But if You watch them Closely You’ll See What They are Really Doing is Trying to Find the Loose Thread so that They can Pull on It and Unravel You.”

Now the thing about this quote is that it’s from my mother in law, as many of my quotes are. She’s done a lot of things in her life. She been seemingly on top of the world, and down and out, and everything in between. She was giving advice to some of us who had expressed a sadness and a concern for the fact that when you’re either born with, or begin to devlop a name for yourself, you start to notice that your friends and aquaintences start to shake down into a few different camps.

Some will simply distance themselves from you, either because they feel like they need to compete but cant so they pretned like you don’t matter to them anymore, or because they are envious and the thought of you and your success makes their blood boil. Those people aren’t who this quote is about.

Some, the good ones, don’t let much change between you because they are genuinely happy for you and enjoy watching you get blessed as much as you enjoy being blessed. This quote is not about them either.

This quote is about those people who see your clout and cant stand it, but actually try to get closer and closer to you instead of distancing themselves. It would be one thing if these people were just leeches who wanted to hang about picking up the scraps, for even a parasite needs its host to survives so they have something to latch on to. No this quote is about those people who get close, very close, eerily close. They want to weasel in and become your right hand man, your best friend. Building you up higher and higher. They will be the first ones with the palm branches, passing them out to others so they can lay them on the ground at your feet on Sunday. But they are forever looking and listening for that little faux pa, the little string to pull that will usher in the coming Friday.

Sadly we all have these people in our lives and we must be wary of them. Because every knitter knows, it only takes one good tug on a loose string to, in a matter of seconds, unravel what has taken countless hours upon hours to make.


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