Gifts for Your Girl

Response to: Gifts for Your Guy on a Budget

Elisabeth is right. There are a ton of cliché gifts to fall back on when you’re shopping for a woman: jewelry, flowers, goofy smelly bathy stuff… But when it comes to us guys, the tried and true “tie” kind of gift really doesn’t ring true at all. No man really wants a tie for Christmas. But then at second glance, is it easy to shop for a woman? I mean think about it. When did guys start buying women diamonds and jewels like back in the stone age? Luckily it seems that women’s tastes in the basics of flowers and makeup haven’t evolve too much since those times, but that doesn’t mean the pressure to really wow them with a gift hasn’t. Here are some tips for guys who are looking to really show their ladies that they truly care this holiday season, and heck, who needs Christmas? These are things we guys just need to do year round period.

PAY ATTENTION. While flowers and chocolates on Valentines day are time honored and good, and diamond necklaces at Christmas are still grand gestures, if these are the only things you can think of to get your woman for a special occasion then it might mean you have been spending a little too much time looking at her figure and not quite enough time looking at who she actually is. There is more to your woman than her womanhood, much more. Your gift giving should reflect that. Sure women like make-up and jewels but what does your particular hunny like? Maybe she’s a reader. There are some great books out this season like Dan Brown’s latest installment, or perhaps the late Ted Kennedy’s biography or Sarah Palin’s new book. Perhaps she hates reading but is big on movies. The new release Up could be a good choice. Does your main squeeze like art? If so is she into paints or does she like charcoal? These are just a few generic ideas to get you thinking outside the box. The key to giving a woman a gift is actually knowing that particular woman. I know that even couples that have been together for years can often find gift giving a daunting task, but if you just relax and take some time to think without stressing you can do it. She’s your girl, and whether you realize it or not, you definitely know a thing or two about her. You’ve figure out that even though every other girl you’ve ever known loves pink, she for some reason turns her nose up at it. You discovered early on that teasing her in private is cute but teasing her in front of your friends will earn you a punch in the arm. You’re a smart guy. After all you somehow landed her didn’t you? Don’t sell yourself short on creative ways to show her that you pay attention to her tastes and want to give her something that will compliment them.
Along with paying attention, have you ever noticed that your lady remembers EVERYTHING? This knack of theirs is infamous for getting us into trouble, but it can also be great fodder for gift giving ideas. The only trick is, you’ve got to remember a little bit yourself. What I mean is, think of a good time in your past. Maybe your first romantic night out as a couple, or maybe an awkwardly funny mishap from the days when you were both just kinda feeling each other out. Inside jokes are golden gift ideas. Get her something that will bring her mind back to a fond or funny memory that the two of you share. It not only displays that you pay attention but also symbolizes a closeness and intimacy that she will appreciate. As long you’re girl will get the joke, allusion or reference, you can’t really go wrong.
If you’ve completely racked your brain and can’t think of anything. Don’t be too alarmed. As guys we do have the advantage of the fall-back gifts but just let it be a reminder to you that you need to start looking more closely. Women are very appreciative when we show them that we pay attention to more than their waist size. Show them you can see the different nuances that make them unique and they will follow you to the ends of the earth.


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